Why don’t we talk. What could happen if we did.

We live in a society that crushes us as beings will emotions and love to mere mortals with brains. It causes us to prove stupid worldly things. Making us succumb to its pressure, we lose our faith in humanity. And we fail to see that humanity in the people around us. The people that actually care for us. And that’s the greatest mistake people do.

Thinking that they are alone in this whole wide world and making it smaller even by keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Something that we have learnt to do so elegantly over the years since our childhood! Making a show of our seem to be perfect lives when inside you’re facing so much pain! So excruciating pain that wants you to kill itself.

I recently read this article by the Crimson, which suggests that we talk out our problems to our peers because only then can we acknowledge them and do something about them. We need to face them to change them and that will give us a sense of positivism. The sense of Happiness that we all look to fulfill through so many different , harmful ways of alcohol, weed etc.

We need to reach out to the people we care about to understand them, and allow them to cope up with their problems. Because eventually they are the ones who have to fight their fears, but we can be there and support them.  We can show them our support by appreciating them, by telling them that we love them, by being there for them and by allowing them to open up to you. It might take time and energy, but eventually it would result in a fruitful long lasting friendship.

Here is the Link for the CRIMSON ARTICLE.  :)